Female Student Spanks Male Teacher

Student Spanks Teacher

College student Sarah Gregory visits her teacher Mr Osborne in his private office dressed in her school uniform. He flirts with her and makes an indecent proposal on how she can improve her grades. Sarah records the entire conversation on her cellphone and uses it to blackmail her teacher into giving her the highest grade. She also gives him a long hard spanking on his bare bottom with bare hand and leather paddle at Clare Spanks Men!

FM Spanking OTK

Student Paddles Teacher

Sarah Gregory Spanks Teacher

Professor Osborne has his pants pulled down and gets spanks bare bottom by his student Sarah Gregory. She give her naughty teacher a hard hand spanking otk before ordering him to hand her a think leather paddle. She smacks his exposed bottom until he’s red and sore! Before his punishment is over Sarah makes him promise never to do it again!

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Kay Richards Spanks Men

Kay Spanks Male Office Worker

Kymberly Jane Spanks Men
Kay Richards Spanks Men
Male Office Worker Spanked

Strict Kay Richards aka Kymberly Jane gives one of her subordinate male workers an evaluation in the office. If this man expects to get a raise her must endure a long, hard and painful spanking with bare hand and an arsenal of spanking paddles. Even if someone walks in and see him getting spanked otk with his pants down, she doesn’t care, and she tells him that it’s because he deserves it!


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